PPM Methodology

PPM Transforms Radio's 'Clock

CUME is a lot higher than before. The number of people (cume) tuning to radio has gone up now with the PPM methodology versus the old Radio Ratings Diary system. Because the meter is passive; it does a better job of capturing media exposure than the diary system, which relies on human memory.

PPM also reveals that people listen to more stations AND spend less time listening with each station. Time Spent Listening and Average Quarter Hour; tend to be lower using PPM.

As a result, stations want to get their listeners to come back for more visits, rather than emphasize longer visits for each occasion.

We believe that "Recall Awareness" is still a vital component of success. Brand building, consistency of execution and effective marketing all remain important elements. Having a solid brand is more important than ever. Consistent execution on a minute-by-minute basis every single quarter hour is crucial.

Stations are being punished severely for unnecessary or unentertaining content. Attention spans are short and PPM picks up on that, so streamlining your station and having shorter "creative" drops, sweepers and bits are key elements.

People listen to radio exactly as they always have only now it's about real usage with PPM methodology. C.R.S Productions has the experience and skills to help you with new ways of transforming your programming clocks.

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